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Hello my loves, and how are you? How is your weekend in? Tell me in the comments. I hope everything is wonderful.

Today I came to show you a very incredible reception that arrived here in my apartment today.

Today's received was a packet full of Dresslily clothes. For those who have not seen the post I made about the store just click here.

Dresslily is an online department store where clothes, accessories, shoes, housewares, and other products are found.

The store sent me two dresses, a sweatshirt is a pair of socks. I'll show you here in detailed photos with the clothes on the body, of course I'll also leave my opinion below each piece plus the product link if you are interested.

That dress is wonderful is the face of summer. Print with very delicate colors, very lively, very cheerful. It has a super cool fabric and let's combine it and wonderful right? It has a super nice fit and wears very well.

                                 Plaid Turtleneck Raglan Sleeve Dress 

This dress is great for those mid-season days. You know it's neither too cold nor too hot. Although he is very brave. Combines with booties, white sneakers look great. And his checkered details gave that extra charm to a piece.

I just fell in love with this sweatshirt. Talk seriously, he is too wonderful right? Look at these details of him that charm that gave the sweatshirt more. In addition to being an excellent fabric sweatshirt, it is also very beautiful.


                                        Fruit Food Printed Quarter Length Socks

Loves I am already a person in love with socks. So when I saw this you already know, right ... I was enchanted, look at the most beautiful sock! These donuts gave such a great charm in the sock that it is so warm that it has become my favorite of the season.

Loves how many beautiful pieces right? I am completely in love with the pieces that they sent me as you saw above they are of very high quality and outside they are very beautiful, right, love? Tell me in the comments which piece did you like the most?

Below are the flags of the cards that they accept is the key to protecting the site. The store is super reliable, remembering that they deliver to all of Brazil and the delivery is super fast.

Access the site by Clicking Here


13 comentários:

  1. Que bunita você está... não conhecia o site vou ir la acessar...gostei do vestido maxi
    Beijokas Jéssica

  2. Parabéns pelos recebidos! Adorei o casaco!

    Cores do Vício

  3. That's great!!! I really liked it!)) Follow you

  4. Oh que gostei bastante de ver os teus recebidos, tens aí peças bem bonitas
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  5. Oh my goodness, everything is so so cute! I especially love that first look.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  6. Smp linda Jeh!! vou conferir agr a lojinha beijinhos!!!!

  7. Oi menina que linda você parabens pelo seu recebido e ganhou uma leitora beijinhos da Clara Maia!!!!

  8. Hermoso. Muchos adolescentes adorarían las tres opciones de moda aquí. Saludos desde Indonesia.

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