13 de setembro de 2021

Modeling Belt - Lover-Beauty

 Hello my loves, and there, how are you?

The subject we are going to talk about today is Modeling Belts. Most women have already worn or wear straps. Whether to improve posture in everyday life or to work out, it is obvious to shape the waist, helping to lose a few centimeters of it.


The function of the strap is to shape the body and not tighten, so the use of the proper elastic is very important.

Amores is I couldn't talk about it without mentioning Lover Beauty which is an online store where you can find several models and the colors of modeling belts is the best in all sizes. I separated two models for you to know more.

Full Body Shaper

The Full Body Shaper strap maintains posture and has balanced compression from the abdomen to the legs, shaping the entire region without marking the clothes. And to make our day-to-day easier, we have the option with hygienic opening. So we don't have the need to remove it all to use the bathroom.

Neoprene Waist Trainer

The Neoprene Waist Trainer model is a type of brace that helps you lose weight by burning stomach fat faster. Also slimmed down at the waist. And an excellent ally for you who practice some type of physical exercise because it helps a lot in the result of weight loss.

Loves saw that you also have an option for the arms? And a great option for us to help get rid of arm fat.

Take advantage of the fact that the entire site is at a great price and ensure you get your belt to.

                                 So what did you think? Tell me us comments.


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  1. Eu preciso muito usar essas cintas para acabar com a barriga de mãe kkk. Tava procurando uma lugar para comprar. Obrigado pela dica.bj
    Blog Lady Samy/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube

    1. Oi amore ela realmente vai te ajudar muito nisso! Fico feliz que tenha gostado

      Um beijo

  2. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing )

  3. Oi Jéssica,
    Tenho uma shapewear em modelo de bermuda, mas confesso que estou desejando uma cinta para a área do abdômen também. Gostei do post!
    Beijo, Blog Apenas Leite e Pimenta ♥

  4. Oie linda! Essas cintas são otimas para modelar o corpo.
    Já te segui por aqui tbm

    Paloma Viricio💫