19 de agosto de 2019

Bridesmaid Dresses- BMbridal

Hello my loves is there all right?

Today I came to talk about a trend that I'm simply in love with. This is the trend of blue in dresses.
A very classic wedding tradition that emerged in Europe is later migrated to the United States. And to this day there has to wear something blue to "ward off the evil eye" or to "luck" the marriage.

I like this tradition because I think these shades of blue in weddings are beautiful. If you like this tradition but chose to wear the traditional white dress you can insert the idea in a different way by putting the Bridesmaid dress online in blue.

This idea is great for you to have an outdoor wedding during the day, because the blue will make the altar more harmonious. And you can find dresses in these light shades on the BMbridal website, which is a store specializing in dresses. That's why I chose three beautiful models in shades of blue to inspire you.

I chose three dresses in shades of light blue with different designs and different trim so you can see that regardless of the model the color stands out in the same way.

So, did you like the dresses? So what are you waiting for to secure yours?

Just CLICK HERE that you will immediately be redirected to the site and there you will find dresses like this and of course several other models.

The store is super reliable and delivers to many countries. Payment methods are through Visa or MasterCard credit cards and can also be made through Paypal.

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