8 de maio de 2022

Prom dresses - Azazei

 Hello my loves, how are you?

Today's post is about party dresses. I will use as inspiration the dresses from the online store Azazei which is a global clothing and fashion design and manufacturing company. You know those wonderful dresses you find when you're browsing your instagram or pinterest feed? So at Azazei you will find these and several other models, each one more beautiful and charming than the other. And they are pieces of high quality and sophistication.

I'm going to use two models today to show what party dresses are.

 Let's start by talking about the leaky dress, as it is also known, it exposes some parts of the body, such as the legs or the waist. It's a kind of cleavage, only in a different version.

They are those dresses that have that opening that is usually on the side or in the middle of the dress. This model brings a certain sensuality and a differentiated elegance. We're talking about the Prom Dresses With Split.

 What makes the piece so special is that there is not just one type of model or cutout. We found several options for theprom dresses with split  , which can have larger or delicate cuts.

And I'll give you a tip, so the more shine is used on the dress, the fewer the number of accessories should be, with shoes and bag chosen discreetly and, preferably, matte. 

I separated some models from the store for you to see how beautiful this style of dress is.

Now let's talk about Prom dresses are unique pieces. And for you today I brought models with a lot of shine. Appearing more on red carpets and in rare ballad productions, the glow began to gain traction. Nowadays we see a lot of sparkle at parties.Talking about a sparkly dress is a very general way. That's because, the shine can be present in just a part of the piece or all over it.

And a tip for you who like shiny dresses. The more sparkles a dress has, the fewer the number of accessories used, the shoe and bag being chosen discreet and, preferably, matte.

Prom Dresses can be used for weddings, parties, graduations and etc. 

They draw a lot of attention at parties for their glitz and glamour. Great option for those who like to stand out at gala parties. I've separated several model options for you to check out.

And remembering that dresses can have only one shiny part, either on the collar or on any side of the body. In these inspirations below I opted for the sparkle throughout the dress.

The dress models are beautiful to go to a party. You will find several other models for all tastes at Azazei .

The pieces adjust well to the body and bring elegance and sophistication to the look.

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