12 de maio de 2022

Sequins Prom Dresses - Azazei

 Hello my loves, how are you?

Today we're going to talk about fashion, and it's always good to talk about fashion, right? And in specific we will talk about Sequins Prom Dresses.

 And for that I will again use as inspiration the beautiful dresses from Azazei.com which is a partner store here on the blog that has those dresses that we are delighted when we are scrolling the instagram or pinterest feed.

Sequins are well known because they are used to embroider or decorate clothes and fashion accessories. They are also known as sequins. The word sequin comes from the French “pailleté” which means “covered with sequins”. They bring a very flashy glow to the piece, thus bringing more glamor to it. They are usually very shiny but they also have matte sequins.

And when we talk about  Sequins prom dresses, we soon think of a lot of glitter and a lot of glamour. They became a fashion classic besides being super elegant they are very chic and with that they became the darlings of the red carpets. The sequins dress is more appropriate for night events, widely used in clubs, as well as in night weddings, proms, dinner dances, cocktails, award presentations, end of year parties.

They are dresses suitable for evening wear, with the exception of daytime events that are more chic events. Oh, you can use it without fear.

I separated some inspirations for you to be inspired and see how beautiful and elegant the dresses are. I chose several different models, with different trims and different colors for all tastes, I'm sure they will please you.

Check it out.

As you can see above, the sequins prom dresses  accessories are very flashy pieces and due to their shine, you should reduce the amount of accessories if possible, use more discreet and neutral accessories.

Looking for a certain balance to compose the look is paramount when choosing accessories, makeup and shoes. So you get a more harmonious look. In some dress models, just one point of light is enough.

At Azazei.com you can find these and many other dress models and as I said there is something for all tastes. They ship to many countries. And they accept various card brands. So you have no excuse not to guarantee the dress of your dreams, right loves? Access the website to check out more news and store promotions.


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